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Panel 1

Were I rant about myself

The introduction of an uninteresting person


So here we are,huh?Erm,alright,let’s get done with it.As I mentioned above,I am an uninteresting person or to talk more lightly,I am just a simple teenager.Name’s Andy or The Queen/King of Hell!-no,not at all,but the name of my blog really raised some questions,huh?huh? *nudges* No?…Oh,alright…I’m talking to myself right now…It will happen more often than you think,but I promise I’m not crazy.


The passions of an untalented person


I think my biggest talent is not doing anything and still tricking people into thinking “Wow,they are really smart!They must be studying all the time at home!”-that also yells “I don’t have social life!!!” which is true and I have mixed feelings about that.

I love books and reading but as I am a lazy procrastinator (Yeah,I used the mainstream word,fight me,hipster kids!) I don’t read as much as I would like to.

Other stuff that I like but no one cares that I do but I will list anyway because it’s my blog include: watching movies/tv series/anime,listening to music and fangirling.And daydreaming.And talking to myself around the house in other languages.-I shouldn’t share this stuff on the internet so easily though…

I’m an adultophile and I regret nothing. *mic drop* 

I kind of like writing…a lot,but I am talentless so I will never write something for others,other than the occasional compositions for scholar contests (which,yeah,it’s lame,but so am I so I don’t mind..).Still,I role-play so I hope this counts at least in a small measure.

I’m thinking of changing the title of this into “The self roast of a pseudo-nerd”.






Panel 2


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.